The Swiss legendary skin care laboratory

Sénsee lab-Primeetec
Switzerland is repudated as its advanced technology on skin care product. Sénsee lab-Primeetec Technical Laboratory was founded in 1989 by the Lake Geneva by Ms. Primee, a Swiss skin researcher.

Since the establishment of the lab, they have customized skin care for Europe's elite. The lab obtains cells from the client's mouth and tests their skin genes. According to the results of genetic testing to customize the customer's skin care products. The formula of skin care products will also be adjusted according to the climate, gender and age of customers, and customized products for customers only belong to them. This philosophy and business model lasted from 1989 to the 2020s.

New Journey
After 2020, the management of the laboratory will consider developing standardized skin care products suitable for the public on the basis of outstanding customization ability, and enter the public luxury field for the first time.