La Perfect
La Perfect collection is lab-Primeetec's prestigious custom collection. Laboratory genetic testing technology and advanced technology of the deep combination. Since its establishment in 1989, La Perfect provides customers with top personalized skincare products every season based on their skin quality, living environment and other factors.

From the cold of Northern Europe to the warm of southern Europe, from the Mediterranean coast to the fertile crescent, Sensee La Perfect has always been the benchmark of tailored skin care products.
The core components of Plant Stem cells are extracted from grapes, butterfly shrubs, mountain roses, edelweiss and other precious plants. The P.S.C 420 series is a full-bodied, deeply repaired and highly anti-aging series for mature women from Lab-Primeetec.

The Sensee P.S.C 420 series is the second series after the Caviar Trinity Complex 480 series.